‘Ville Voice v.v. Dyche: “Not Just A Homophobe But Also A Race-Baiter?”


The C-J canned John David Dyche, and then WDRB picked him up. So far, so yawnable. But after a vigorous pot-stirring, following is an uncommonly enjoyable takedown of Dyche by Jake at TVV.

Not Just A Homophobe But Also A Race-Baiter? (The “Ville Voice)

The latest from John David Dyche further illustrates why it was a good decision to cut him from the Courier-Journal. It’s as if he believes the entire city is the Pendennis Club and no non-WASPs are allowed.

(insert frothing Dyche excerpts here, then lift off)


Black people = basketball? Check. Jive lingo? Check. Community activist (aka people like Barack Obama)? Check. Scandinavian (white people)? Check. “Urban” (black) terrorism? Check.

This city’s privileged white folks have been wringing their hands something fierce this week. It’s been surreal to watch.