Beers and Sneers, coming on Sunday, March 16, to the only New Albany blog that matters (hint: here).


Somewhere behind Bill “Instant Audio” Hanson’s pop-up paywall, the News and Tribune offers a weekend “Cheers and Jeers” column, in which staffers and readers contribute commendations and complaints. At times, these can be entertaining, but the highlights tend to be when Shea Van Hoy fills empty space with his own thoughts.

I’m speculating as to whether we can do better, here at the only New Albany blog that matters. Following are the pertinent details, with the current plan being next Sunday, March 16, as the debut.

BEERS … to (fill in blank space)


SNEERS … to (ditto)

Do you have someone or something to celebrate with a beer, or to jeer with palpable derision? Submissions should be sent to me: roger(at)newalbanian(dot)com … no snail mail, please (seriously, who does that any longer?), and keep it clean. Well, reasonably so.