Tunnel beneath the paywall and reflect: Will Jeff Speck be able to tunnel around time-honored Rosenbargerian urban obfuscation?


Speck’s task will be far easier if the city’s genuinely on board with the idea.

As we’ve pointed out on numerous occasions since James Garner served as mayor, New Albany’s perennial disconnect makes the Grand Canyon seem like one of Vectren’s messy street trenches. Talking a good game is one thing, and actual achievement something else entirely. The latter requires doing something, and fruition eludes us.

Having Jeff Speck within the city limits elevates New Albany’s urban IQ … but a temporary 45 probably won’t cut it. This would be a good first step, and it’s just that: A baby step.

Speck likely to be hired to study New Albany streets; Planner is the author of ‘Walkable City’, by Daniel Suddeath (News and Tribune)

NEW ALBANY — He came, he spoke, and he will likely be hired today to study New Albany’s streets and traffic flow, specifically in the downtown and midtown areas.

The New Albany Board of Public Works and Safety will vote today, March 4, to hire planner and nationally acclaimed author Jeff Speck to conduct a comprehensive traffic study.

Speck, author of “Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time,” was the guest of the city in January when he talked about designing streets to be more conducive to pedestrian travel. His strategy isn’t just about making communities more walkable, as Speck also discussed street direction and size, and how those factors affect public safety …