Never a dull moment in Incompatibility City.


Lashing out from his lair off Bono Road, Doctor Tom has struck the Muscle Monkey Grill (Little Chef). Let’s hope it isn’t serious.

(Wednesday evening update: It isn’t serious. Permit snafu only. Don’t you wish the Health Department refrained from the Scarlet Letter approach and explained its action? Then again, at least they didn’t stage an inept photo op implying their chosen target was harboring bacteria

Seems a bit cold this time of year for Exclusively Rental Property New Albany, but what do I know? Where are the cocktail weenies and Miller Lite?

Heavens, didn’t this just happen? NAC’s last report (and a reverse camera angle) came out last November. Dude, has anyone seen the insurance agent?

Nope. Never a dull moment in Insipidity City.