Louisville point – counterpoint: Hipster bars or socially useful projects?


At Louisville.com, Kachina Shaw believes the many awards truly tell the tale.

Awards and More Awards for Louisville

I think the secret is out, based on the fact that Louisville has been racking up a long list of awards from all around the country.

Not so fast, says Elijah McKenzie; beware of smoke and mirrors.

Why Louisville will never be the next Portland

… As Possibility City continues to demolish neighborhoods to make way for an endless maze of highway pavement that – aside from increasing air pollution – does nothing to encourage its citizens from utilizing alternative methods of transportation, other cities (like Portland) are funding the hell out of pedestrian-friendly projects that actually connect its citizens to one another.

Contrary to reports on urban revitalization that state otherwise, Mayor Fischer continues to preach the gospel of bridge tolls, the metroplex corridor, and the addition of an “undisclosed” big box retailer in the oft-neglected California neighborhood.

And then there’s New Albany, where we look to the architects of the endless maze of highway pavement to help us solve the problems unleashed by said pavement … in the industrial park, that is.