Mayor Jeff Gahan is on the list of mayors opposed to HJR-3.


Previously, I noted the absence of certain names on an important list.

Human rights on the down-low: If not for New Albany’s city council opposition to the HJRs, we’d already be constructing the gulag.

This morning, I took another look at the Freedom Indiana website, and while Jeffersonville’s Mike Moore remains conspicuously (and not unexpectedly) absent, Jeff Gahan’s name is right there on the list. That’s good. I’m happy to see it, even if I cannot recall the occasion of his utterance.

Who opposes HJR-3?

It’s an ever-growing list. This gives New Albany a mayor and council in opposition, and let’s not forget Rep. Ed Clere, who stands in stark contrast to his low-wattage compatriot, Rhonda Rhoads, with Ron Grooms still fleeing the question.

Interestingly, just the other day at Facebook, Grooms’s opponent signaled an embrace of the argument from semantics. Chuck Freiberger was replying to a question from Bob:

Bob: It’s been a long time chuck hope you and family are doing we’ll have to ask you your stand on abortion and guy marriage pm me if you want please

Chuck: Bob, I will give you the short answer. As a catholic, I do not believe in abortion as a form of birth control. I do believe there are matters for decisions when it comes to the health for the mom and rape. The doctors and patients need to make that decision. (Marriage) I don’t think it is right for me or anyone else to descriminate against others of whom I am different. I believe our state constitution already has marriage defined as being between a man and a woman. I would not vote in favor of the bill being presented in the legistlature now because it goes too far in taking the rights away from others.

Frankly, I couldn’t tell whether the questioner was too eaten up with God to use the word “gay”, or was simply illiterate. What about the gals, Bob? Can they marry, too?

I suppose this means that Chuck’s okay with discrimination as a state law, but not as a constitutional change. Maybe party chairman Adam Dickey can clarify that for us, and then broadcast the clarification over these loud speakers.

Of course, with every passing day, council members Scott Blair and Diane Benedetti look more and more isolated on what probably will be remembered as a keystone issue of our time.

That’s a real shame.