Human rights on the down-Iow: If not for New Albany’s city council opposition to the HJRs, we’d already be constructing the gulag.


As we await the GOP’s inevitable legislative hijinks with regard to HJR-3 (formerly HJR-6), otherwise known as the Hoosier Stain  …

HJR 3 vote delayed NUVO (NUVO)

Analyst breaks down details of HJR-3 (

 … let’s look back to December 3, and those 12 mayors in Indiana who took a bipartisan approach in speaking out against the brown shirts.

Indiana Mayors Stand with Freedom Indiana, Speak Out against HJR-6

Today, Mayors from across the state of Indiana stood with Freedom Indiana and spoke out against HJR-6, the proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution that would permanently define marriage and would remove existing protections under law for same-sex and unmarried couples and families.

Let’s see. I don’t see the mayors of New Albany and Jeffersonville on that list. But I probably just missed them. Maybe they used invisible ink.

The Indiana Democratic Party seems solidly and publicly against HJR-3. That’s fitting and proper. Meanwhile, glancing at the Floyd County Democratic Party’s web site and Facebook page, I find several references (on FB only) to HJR-3, including a link to a Democratic legislator’s sound viewpoint, but no actual statement opposing the Hoosier Stain‘s spread.

But hey — I probably just missed it.

Of course, here in Floyd County, where Democrats outnumber Republicans, and Republican presidential candidates win the vote in landslides, there’s a good deal of getting down with the down-low. Apparently the Dixiecrat contingent is easily offended … eh, Adam?

Elsewhere in Southern Indiana, we’ve seen moral cowardice rise to the top as Jeff CM, Tech educator, River Ridge flunky and One Southern Indiana chief all ducked and covered on HJR-6, HJR-3 immediate predecessor.

However, in November, the New Albany city council stood tall: A “principled” Blair votes no, but council approves resolution condemning HJR-6.

Afterward, I wrote CM Blair, asking him to explain his non-vote.

I’m still waiting for the reply. That’s how we do it, down here, on the down-low, where the headlights of speed-crazed oncoming one-way arterial traffic aren’t the only phenomenon freezing politicians dead in their tracks.