Reject the duopoly and Pee Dee Pee Pee with Me.


Another round of plague almost is upon us: Not the Fauxcentennial, now blessedly passed, but another political contest. Certain Floyd County offices are up for grabs in 2014, so we’re only a few months away from an election. Heaven help us.

On the positive side, elections are always a welcomed opportunity to drink lots of Elector.

On the negative, it means that soon yard signs masquerading as intellectual content will proliferate across the landscape. I’m surely not running for office in 2014, and already, the Bookseller has explained why he’s not running, either. I agree with him that keeping powder dry for city elections in 2015 is prudent, whether as candidate or irritant, or both.

All of which is acting to return my thoughts to the possibilities inherent in the Pants Down Progressive Party (PDPP), as mentioned briefly in the following essay from 2010 (rewound in 2012). In it, I reveal my theory of voting, and of course, you’re entitled to my opinion.

ON THE AVENUES: Quoth the Raven: “S’pose so.”

… My fundamental position with respect to politics in the United States is somewhat that of a conscientious objector. In my view, the two-party system is completely and utterly fraudulent. However, in spite of my antipathy, it remains political reality, and until I “move to France if I don’t like it,” certain compromises are necessary. After all, if someone hands me a lemon, the least I can do is squeeze it into my adversary’s face.

Thus, I always can be relied upon, first and foremost, to vote against the political party that annoys me the most.