Hummer owners gag as “Hamburg Announces Plans to Become a Car-Free City Within 20 Years.”


Ah, those crazy Germans — not just talking a good game, but actually seeking to achieve a shift to renewable energy.

Of course, in America we’re better off with the Creation Museum and lots of Big Coal and Big Oil to take us there. Thanks to diligent legislators like Rhonda Rhoads, we’re also keeping them gays in their places, by Gawd.

Meanwhile, in Hamburg, the Beatles are so 1960s, and even the St. Pauli Girl has become irrelevant in the craft beer age. In Hamburg, a politician can muse aloud about a car-free future, and not be exiled to Ken Ham.

Thanks to J.d. for the link.

Hamburg Announces Plans to Become a Car-Free City Within 20 Years, by Charley Cameron (Inhabit)

Hamburg is currently working on a plan that would eliminate the need for cars within the next 15-20 years, making the city a greener, healthier and more pleasant place to live. The city’s proposed Grünes Netz, or “Green Network” will create pedestrian and cycle paths to connect the city’s existing, substantial green spaces, and provide safe, car-free commuter routes for all residents.