In LEO Weekly: “How much craft beer can Louisville consume?”


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Kevin offers a solid overview.

What’s on tap for Louisville’s beer scene? Can our local breweries handle more competition?, by Kevin Gibson (LEO Weekly)

… Roger Baylor, owner of New Albanian Brewing Company, has been in the business of craft beer for quite a few years; his business model with Rich O’s Public House and Sportstime Pizza hinged on it from the word “go” when those side-by-side concepts launched in 1990. Later, he was the first one in town to eliminate sales of corporate beers like Bud Light. New Albanian as a craft brewing entity was founded in 2002.

“Saturation point depends on the capacity of the new breweries, their level of debt service and what size territory they need to get by,” Baylor explains. “What happens when everyone decides to play the game the same way?”