Two down, a whole bunch more to go.


With the first post of 2014, the NAC blog odometer resets.

It’s back to zero, with hundreds more to come. Of course, it’s all a trick of the calendar, and while it may seem daunting, there’s a certain continuity over a period of years — to be exact, a decade come October 2014.

On the morning of January 1, the posts below were the most read during the second half of December. Moving forward, some of the themes will be familiar.

For example, for so long as elected officials in the county, primarily Mark Seabrook and Steve Bush, continue to thumb their noses at the rule of law, NABC will continue to wrestle with the Floyd County Health Department. But the Attorney General’s advisory opinion is real, if as yet unpublished, and if Dr. Tom wishes to see it applied in court, to his detriment, it’s my pleasure to further his overdue education.

In the city?

Rescuing the notion of “quality of life” from those who consider it a “no brainer” when applied to suburban-think, as opposed to urban living … building a coalition to call City Hall’s increasingly obvious bluff on the future of the outmoded street grid … touting genuinely progressive antidotes to this city’s profoundly regressive habit of suppressing creative thought … working toward unity of purpose as it applies to downtown New Albany’s business investors and indie entrepreneurs … and every time one of them is seen displaying the uncomfortable body language of a student who didn’t do his homework, pressing the point even more incessantly, more firmly, and more loudly.

It’s 16 months until the next election, and many of the politicians and planners here in New Albany will be shifting to a prevent defense, hoping that whatever we’re asking of them will go away so their brains will cease hurting. They simply don’t want to do their homework; the cognitive dissonance is too much for these products of the local schools. The world outside frightens them. Old myths and discredited platitudes from the Eisenhower era imbue them with a warmer glow than even a chain restaurant’s frosty margaritas can provide.

Our object here remains as it has been since 2004: Withhold their Tylenol.

Happy New Year.

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