On Bamberg, winter drinking sports and seasonal spiced wine from Old 502.


Just this morning, we were talking about our Christmas (2009) in Bamberg, Germany, and the endearing custom there (and elsewhere in Northern Europe) of ignoring the chilly weather and drinking outdoors at or near the weeks-long Christmas market — also held outdoors. Beer and spirits are available, but it seems like most of what is consumed is mulled wine. They’ve only been doing it for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.

The memory has some wheels spinning. Perhaps a truncated outdoor Christmas winter solstice market in downtown New Albany? It’s too good of an idea to entrust to the usual gussied up suspects, and besides, holiday foo-foo is already in abundance. We’d just need to find a few hearty vendors for a weekend, load up on beer and food, celebrate the solstice symbolism, and run the show at Lloyd’s Landing, the outdoor area at Bank Street Brewhouse, which we’re not using in cold weather, anyway.

Maybe next year, we need to begin to start using it. I might drink outside today anyway, just for the fun of it. In the meantime, Old 502 Winery understand the warm wine tradition.

Like potpourri that will get you drunk:’ Hot Old 502 wine for the holidays
, by Kevin Gibson (Insider Louisville)

Hot wine? Yes, hot wine. And we’re not talking about trends, either — Old 502 Winery has a wine available for a limited time that is designed to be served hot.