The Rudyard Kipling may have found a buyer, and so the Pyles can retire.


Talk about fighting the good fight; Ken and Sheila Pyle have been doing it for decades, and now it appears that a win-win has materialized with the prospective sale of the Rudyard Kipling to buyers who vow to keep the establishment substantially as it is. Words like “legend” are overused, but in this case entirely appropriate. The Pyles are legendary, held in high esteem by just about everyone in the business, and fully worthy of the opportunity to retire to beers in New Albany. Kudos to them. Let’s hope this works out.

The Rudyard Kipling finally finds a buyer, by Kevin Gibson

The Rudyard Kipling website, for many years, has had a “Buy a Landmark” button in its main navigation. Finally, Old Louisville’s time-tested destination for food, music and theater has found a buyer.