At “Bourbon, bone marrow, Greg Fischer … and Stella Artois?”


Beginning now, my twice-monthly column at will become a weekly, assuming a level of relative sobriety sufficient to churn out the words. It appears that I’ve been dubbed Craft Beer’s Sweetheart, and upon closer examination, I resemble that remark.

Also up at the site is Pint/Counterpint, in which I joust periodically with Against the Grain’s Adam Watson. The topic is “Beer Cellaring: Is This What the Brewers Want You to Do?“, and since the two of us agree on the issue, it’s left to me to be irreverent — fortunately, something I quite enjoy.

Bourbon, bone marrow, Greg Fischer … and Stella Artois?

My New Year’s resolution was going to be writing this column weekly, rather than twice monthly, in 2014. Might as well get started.   
Whether working as brewers, taco slingers, distillers, baristas, vintners or sous chefs, we customarily inhabit an insular space within the hospitality industry zone. Of course, the trick is […]

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