ROCK and role-play all night, and pray every day.


It’s been a while since we checked in on the nanny theocrats at ROCK, mostly because I hate disturbing these selfless Theatair-X stall monitors while they’re working toward the Christian equivalent of Sharia law, all the while remaining utterly clueless as to the analogy.

From 2012: REWIND: Some ROCK ‘n’ role playing.

Today, via the group’s ROCK Ayatollah e-newsletter, we learn that the churchgoin’ part of ROCK is usurping the civic engagement. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

We are newly energized !!

We are pleased to announce that God has a new plan for ROCK. After a nearly 10 year journey of faith and preparation, ROCK will start a Tuesday night prayer meeting in leased space on 7th Street Road at Energized Baptist Church.

On November 14, 2013, ROCK publicly announced our plan to downsize activities until there was renewed interest in ROCK’s mission. In less than one week, God made it clear that He did not approve of our stated plan …

 … We believe it is God’s desire for ROCK to start a Tuesday prayer meeting at Energized Baptist Church on 7th Street Road. The prayer meeting will model what we learned at Brooklyn Tabernacle. It will include, among other things, worship music; and prayers for our country, Louisville, each other, specific prayer requests submitted online, and healing. (We do need a musician!!).

Please, someone give them a musician. Maybe they’ll get back aboard the spaceship and colonize elsewhere.