Russell Brand: “A pale liver-spot on the back of Murdoch’s glabrous claw.”


With clocklike regularity, Russell Brand’s hitting the nail hard and straight:

They forever print tabloid tales of benefit cheats on the swindle, which is bad – I used to do it – but the reality that we lose £1bn a year on all benefit fraud combined, and £25bn on tax avoidance and evasion by big companies and the super rich is seldom reported. Why don’t we read that story in the Sun? Perhaps it’s because, as Rupert said in his private email, the Sun would “continue to fight for its beliefs”. Of course, the Sun believes in an easy ride for big corporations – it is a big corporation, Newscorp is one of the biggest there is. Plus they get £35,000 per page for the corporate ads they carry for Tescos, Vodafone, British Gas, O2, corporations within the incestuous family of business, media and government that grow corpulent together.

Ah … the media.

The Sun on Sunday lied about me last week. Have they learned nothing?
Not a big deal in the scheme of things, but it’s still the same fecund bone-yard of gossip, poison and lies
, by Russell Brand (Guardian)

The Sun on Sunday, which is of course the News of the World with a different hat on, lied about me last week.

In the general scheme of things, the crumbling economy, the savaged environment, the treacherous, inept, deceitful politicians that govern us, the corrupt corporations that exploit us, it might not seem like a big deal. That’s because it isn’t to anyone, except me or my girlfriend. The pain, disruption and distress, that the Sun inflicted by falsely claiming that I cheated on my girlfriend, in the context of such awesome corruption, is a pale liver-spot on the back of Murdoch’s glabrous claw. Still though, it’s a tiny part of the demon’s dermatology and as such, connected to all the other pestilence. Here’s how.