Moral cowardice rises to the top as Jeff CM, Tech educator, River Ridge flunky and One Southern Indiana chief duck and cover on HJR-6.

Nope. No answers, not then, not now.

They’ve all had years to consider HJR-6, otherwise known as “The Hoosier Stain“, but now that the bigotry has come home to roost, none of them have thought about it yet.

Nathan Samuel doesn’t have “a feel” for the view of his constituents, primarily because he’s already opted out of the discussion with swirling casuistry exceeding that deployed by New Albany’s CM Blair.

David L. Clifton, a professor at Ivy Tech Sellersburg, blithely repeats the hoary stereotype to the effect than we business folks think only about profit, and harbor no interest in matter of lowly social conscience — although he makes no effort to explain why powerhouses like Cummins and Eli Lilly oppose HJR-6. Maybe it’s just our retrograde business thinkers down here in One Southern Indiana’s constituency.

Notably absent from weighing in on the matter were several of Southern Indiana’s major employers. The News and Tribune requested comments from Clark Memorial Hospital and American Commercial Lines Inc. on their stance on the resolution, but neither of the entities responded as of press time.

One Southern Indiana’s Wendy Dant Chesser typically wiggles out from any hint of coherence on the topic by citing her organization’s failure to reach “consensus,” which naturally didn’t stop it from advocating for the Bridges Boondoggle, or joining the far right over affordable health care, but the single best evasion of all comes from Jerry Acy of the River Ridge Commerce Center, which owes its very existence, as well as its current status as the Mecca we’re all compelled to worship five times daily, to political maneuverings:

“That is something our board has not even entertained,” said River Ridge Executive Director Jerry Acy. “Typically, we don’t take a position on political matters.”

These are the “leaders’ in the community — but is it a community, or an Adam Sandler flick? Ye Gods, EVEN BOB CAESAR GETS IT. Here it is at The ‘Bune, if you can slip through the Hanson Wall: Local officials weigh in — or don’t — about gay marriage amendment; Area business agencies say they haven’t formed an opinion.