And then … gone tomorrow.


I walk a lot, and one of my frequent paths is to veer off Main Street at 6th and cross over the levee to the river. At some point in late October or maybe early November, I noticed there was a small white house behind the big yellow one facing streetside. I’d never paid attention to it before, so a couple of photos seemed appropriate. The iPhone shutter was snapped, and I forgot about it.

Last weekend, we were strolling eastward atop the levee when I looked down and saw a big open field where the house had been. Descending to 6th for the follow-up views, I lined up the shot and noticed a bridge.

It wasn’t there before.

It’s odd sometimes. Something’s there, and then it isn’t … not so different from life itself, and I find myself wondering about the lives therein.

Update: At first I was going to ask whether anyone knows what’s happening with the site, but now it’s clear that another house is being built — and by a close friend’s family, no less.