Listening to Morrissey with red wine — again. Now for the Mozz book.


When I posted this photo on Facebook a couple weeks back and suggested that Nadia had ignored my warnings and insisted on listening to Morrissey while drinking red wine, it got rave reviews.

It’s been a good year for aging Smiths fans. First, an excellent solo album by Johnny Marr. Now, a Mozz autobiography in time for the holidaze.

Autobiography by Morrissey – review, by Terry Eagleton (Guardian)

The celebrated literary critic judges Mozzer’s book to be superb: he is so devastatingly articulate he could win the Booker

… Morrissey despises most of the people he meets, often with excellent reason. He is scurrilous, withdrawn and disdainful, an odd mixture of shyness and vitriol. The dreamy, heart-throbbish photo on the cover of the book, the nose rakishly tilted above the Cupid’s-bow lips, belies what a mean old bastard he is.