A Veterans Day message from Freedom Indiana.


(via e-mail, something to induce heartburn in Mike Pence)


I am very proud to have served my country and our great state by serving in the Air National Guard. However, I’m also quick to point out that compared to others – others whose service brought them to war and harm’s way – mine was largely without sacrifice.

My service instilled in me a deep and abiding respect for others and a sense of solidarity, and I have a lasting commitment to my oath to defend the Constitution.

Today, on Veterans Day, I am proud to stand with Veterans for Freedom in opposition to HJR-6.

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The military is part of my journey, and since my service that journey has included meeting my long-time partner, 12 years ago, and welcoming into the world grandchildren from my first marriage. Shortly after the all-time high of becoming a grandparent, this journey included the radical low of being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer and beginning treatment.

But, even in this, I am lucky. Though it is not required by law, my partner’s employer exemplifies Hoosier hospitality by offering all family members health care benefits. Right now, their generosity is truly saving my life.

If HJR-6 were passed, the treatment I am receiving could be considered unconstitutional.

Limiting freedom in this way does not equate to my loving life in Indiana and it grates against the oath to defend our Constitution that I took as a member of the US Military.

This Veterans Day, take a moment to think about the freedom and liberty that we hold dear as Hoosiers and Americans – and everyone who has sacrificed to make them a reality.

HJR-6 flies in the face of these values, and that’s why I’m proud to stand with fellow veterans – gay and straight – in opposing this harmful amendment.

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Together, we can defeat HJR-6 and protect liberty for all Hoosiers.

Thank you and happy Veterans Day,

Lori Perdue
Veterans for Freedom