Pulse-quickening council preview as we await the NewAlbanist’s speeding citation report.


Tonight there’ll be a renewal of New Albany’s twice monthly futility rite, otherwise known as a city council meeting, and against my better judgment, I’ll be in attendance.

Live tweeting will begin as soon as Bob Caesar utters something incomprehensible, self-serving or utterly foolish, which is to say whenever he enters the room, right before the meeting begins.

The council agenda tonight is as barren as Bud Light’s olfactory allure, except for a symbolic resolution from John Gonder scolding the governor of Indiana for being a reactionary swine (my words, not Gonder’s) with respect to Affordable Health (Obama)Care.

R-13-15 Resolution in Support of Efforts to Increase Participation in the New Healthcare Law

Meanwhile, most of the rest of us look forward to the release of the bookseller’s speeding analysis, which is due to hit the mean streets around 8:00 p.m.

Coming Tonight: Report on Speeding in New Albany

I expect to complete my last round of edits on my analysis of New Albany’s speeding citations. As you’ll recall, NAPD Chief Sherry Knight provided me with a list of all citations for excessive speed during a 12-month period ending September 30, 2013. I’d like to thank the chief for her prompt response to my request.

And wordsmiths appreciate Randy’s other post at his NewAlbanist blog today.

The Rot That Corrupts New Albany

Corruption, classically, refers to impurity or deviation from the ideal …

… Corruption has another sense that can be applied to New Albany without resorting to accusations of criminality. Negligence, incompetence, and apathy can corrupt the workings of government just as effectively as brazen self-dealing.