Updating the two-way street discussion in South Bend: Conversions coming soon.


Back in September, we noted that South Bend is rocking the two-way street discussion.

And what do we get in New Albany? Caesarism, a reactive, exhausted and outmoded doctrine if ever there was one. And from a MERCHANT, no less … If South Bend can be having this discussion, why not New Albany?

Last week, I received a follow-up e-mail from South Bend’s city planner — and that’s wonderful, because I didn’t even ask for it. Rather, he found us. Here it is, complete with links.

While doing some online research for the City of South Bend’s efforts to convert downtown streets from one way to two way, I came across your NA Confidential blog, which includes your advocacy of two way streets for New Albany and its citation of South Bend as a good example of a city that is having a discussion on that matter. I can provide an update: on Wednesday, the City Council approved the 2014 budget, which includes funding to convert two of downtown’s four one-way streets to two way next year and to continue design to convert the other two streets, currently under the jurisdiction of INDOT.

A sampling of the news coverage: Here and Here

I hope this example will inspire your efforts — good luck!

Michael Divita
Department of Community Investment
City of South Bend
227 W. Jefferson Blvd., Suite 1400S
South Bend, IN 46601