“Race is central to the fear and angst of the US right.”


Of course it is. What’s even funnier, or perhaps more chilling, are the hundreds of comments assuring Younge of his errors.

Race is central to the fear and angst of the US right … The shrinking white base of the Republican party cannot accept the country in which it now lives – so it shut it down, by Gary Younge (The Guardian)

… Their inability to craft a credible strategic response to these insecurities only serves to reinforce them. “You don’t like a particular policy or a particular president?” taunted Obama last week. “Go out there and win an election.” The trouble is Republicans can’t because their racially charged rhetoric alienates minorities, leaving them more electorally isolated, prompting defeat – which leaves them ever more divided. Meanwhile, their reckless obstruction in Congress, which nearly triggered a default, makes the nation’s descent into chaos more likely. Unable to come to terms with the country in which they live, they are complicit in creating the very future they most fear