As of TODAY, the new location for Stylin’ Irish Salon is 1440 Charlestown Rd.


Having been aware from the very start that it was difficult for Stylin’ Irish to be the first tenant in a very long time to occupy space in the long-moribund Commercial Building (above) on the corner of Elm and Pearl, across from Bank Street Brewhouse … my best guess is that Charlotte and crew will begin the day today chanting “free at last, free at last.”

Up the revolution, and best of luck to Stylin’ Irish in its new location.

So Excited About Our New Location

Hello everyone! We have been working very hard to get our new location up and ready to pamper you.

It has been a lot of work but we will finally be ready as of tomorrow Thursday October 24, 2013. We will still be doing some work on the salon but it won’t affect your services. 

The new address is 1440 Charlestown Rd. This is where Charlestown Rd and Grant Line Rd meet and become 8th St. Our most known landmark would be the railroad bridge that runs over the road right next to our new building. It is very easy to find but if you have any questions, just give us a call. 

We have been waiting on utilities to be transferred, as the companies we use seem to be taking their sweet time. We haven’t gotten the phones on yet but that should be today or tomorrow so in the mean time feel free to call Aisha’s cell phone at 812-557-5905 and leave a message. She will call you back promptly to set you up for an appointment or answer any questions. If you leave a message at the salon’s number we won’t be able to access it until they complete our transfer request. 

The new location is very cute and cozy and we can’t wait to show it off. Thank you all for your support and friendships. You all mean the world to us 🙂