Essay: “Two-Way Streets: Best Practices” at The NewAlbanist.


The bookseller summarizes the situation wonderfully. This might serve as the one-page printout that we’ll be needing for those disinclined to use modern media. My takeaway from this essay:

“It makes no sense to wait one more day. Likewise, there’s no need for another study. A one-day walking tour – maybe just one afternoon – will identify the problems that need to be addressed.”

Two-Way Streets: Best Practices, by Randy Smith at The NewAlbanist

Almost from the moment I arrived in New Albany I’ve advocated for a rational reversion of downtown streets to two-way traffic patterns.

To me, it was obviously the right thing to do. By words, if not action, Mayors Garner and England agreed with me and with the hundreds of New Albany residents and visitors I’ve talked to about this topic.

Now, the mere fact that it was obvious to me, multiplied by 2 sitting mayors acknowledging the rightness of the idea, can’t, unfortunately, be enough to move the ball.

That’s why I and many of my policy-minded neighbors have gathered and published studies showing that, by an overwhelming margin, smart cities are reverting back to traditional 2-way traffic patterns …read more