New Albany’s “Nowhere Man” embraces yard waste fees.


As larger issues swirl like the half-eaten garbage littering the streets after Downtown Displacement Days, Bob Caesar considers normality in the context of proper yard waste fees.

Cluelessness like this begs more questions than I have time to gnaw, but I’m struck by a similarity of cavalier attitude between CeeSaw’s typically irrelevant ruminations and his council counterpart Kevin “I don’t live paycheck to paycheck” Zurschmiede’s recent breathtaking pronouncement that no one in metro Louisville is likely to go out of his way to avoid dollar tolls.

C-minus students, all … and I grade on a curve.

Yard waste removal fee to be explored in New Albany; Charge would be added for services beyond normal collection

 … As for the fee, Caesar said he views it as a way for private property owners to avoid having to pay a private contractor for the service.

“I think a lot of people would be happy to pay” to have yard waste removed, Caesar said.