The Suck Truck, two-way Safety Town, Showtime, and other highlights of a very wet parade day in New Albany.


New Albany’s Suck Truck undoubtedly was the high point of yesterday’s rain-soaked parade. It would have been better if the Suck Truck followed the Republican Party float, better to vacuum the policy turds … but you can’t have it all, and the tired white GOP grandees refused to take a bow, anyway.

We couldn’t help notice that Safety Town has two-way streets. The only question is whether City Hall has yet spotted it.

Later in the day, it was Showtime at the Art Store, and we arrived just in time to hear Dream Eye Color Wheel open its set.

Tony Beard heroically manned the NABC taps … and as I write at 8:45 a.m. on Sunday morning, it’s still raining. You got the Arc? We got the beer.