Harvest Homecoming 2013, Part Three: Recalling 2012, and tails wagging dogs.


Tuesday: Harvest Homecoming 2013, Part Two: No longer what downtown is about.

Monday: Harvest Homecoming 2013, Part One: More evolution, less fear.

In 2012, Wick’s Pizza had an idea to stage an outdoor beer garden during Harvest Homecoming, and to share a measure of the branding with NABC. In 2012, this idea was rejected, but this year it was approved. Just recently I reprinted the third part of last year’s Harvest Homecoming series, so I’ll not do it again in this space. Here’s the link:

This year Wick’s can have a tent during Harvest Homecoming, but in 2012, the tail was wagging the dog.

The final paragraphs of the preceding suffice to reiterate my point.

“It is my belief that this story illustrates an ever-widening disconnect between the understandable self-identity (not to mention preservation instinct) of the part-time Harvest Homecoming, and the re-emergence of a full-time downtown business district with objectives, needs and identities of its own.

“Why is Harvest Homecoming still allowed to throw its weight around in this manner for a mere four days a year, when the best strategy of potential benefit for all the city’s residents is to nurture and build a downtown capable of throwing its weight around, and accruing dividends, every single day of the year?”