“What will it take for the Floyd County Council” … whoa, just stop there. Divine intervention, maybe?


In the corridors of Floyd County elected government, satire and reality are so closely intertwined that’s it’s forever challenging to tell the difference between a unassuming whopper and sage legislative abdication. After all, it’s the legacy of Heavrinism amongst the cowardly.

Heavrin “leaves big shoes to fill,” and Morris rushes to shine them.

More of the same: Republicans gather to praise a departing “conservative Democrat” whose congenital obstinacy was to creativity what Bud Light is to pet shampoo.

More power to employees without a cost of living increase since Bill Clinton stalked White House closets, but of course they (and we) know that this county council’s sole aim is to regulate the rate of starvation, not act in any pro-active way to defy the likes of Dave Matthews’ tea party junta out in the walled compounds of Greater Greenville.

In fact, I can hear Ted’s longtime right-hand lube man Larry McAllister now: “I love helping people, so long as they’re not working for me. So can’t you just shut up and get a part-time job at Wally World? Thank Allah they’re both gone, but their successors … sheesh.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Sept. 28-29, 2013

— Floyd County employees plead for raises

Once again, the employees of Floyd County must sit back and watch another year go by without a raise.

For the past 14 years, the employees of Floyd County have not gotten so much as a cost-of-living increase in wages or salaries, all while watching as offices are remodeled and jobs created. What will it take for the Floyd County Council to recognize the employees who have been passed over time and time again? What can we do to stand up and be counted?

This is the question that the employees and servants of Floyd County ask daily …