9th annual NAC Harvest Homecoming Parade gala, non-bicentennial edition, is this Saturday, October 5.


As the view above from parade day 2008 wholly implies, the tradition lives on.

Saturday (October 5) will be the 9th such Harvest Homecoming parade gathering hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Confidential at their domicile on East Spring Street, world headquarters of the 1117 East Spring Neighborhood Association.

This time, HH is importing Scribners from far and wide in order to reinforce yet again what our flawed and disposable bicentennial shouldn’t ever have been about — what, none of them could bear the thought of remaining in the hometown of their veneration?

But Bob Caesar’s grinning, and when Buddha smiles, the rest of us reach for our air(head) sickness bags.

Back to the parade party: You’re invited to drop by and say hello. As noted oft times before, there’ll be craft draft beer (probably NABC’s Strassen Bräu) and a place to watch the parade, which begins around 12:00 noon, although we’ll be available from 10:00 a.m. or so for the usual slider brunch.

Beer snacks are welcomed, but because we’ll move the celebration downtown immediately after the parade concludes, there is no need to bring a dish or more complicated foodstuffs. You may need to bring a camp chair. If there is rain, we may remain huddled on the porch. With beer. We will drink the whole day through, and contemplate alternative universes where the streets run both ways.

If you’re an anonymous commentator from another blog, you’re welcomed, too, but you must wear a paper sack over your head to preserve the fiction. Hint: The one with protruding Chesterfield is Erika herself.