Our daily reality in New Albany? That’d be Bob Caesar waxing delusional.


Not that WDRB’s report is any masterpiece. In fact, it’s rather horrid.

Granted, Charlie Harshfield provides the two-way neighborhood perspective, which is sufficiently irrefutable that opposing voices aren’t really necessary.

But then Bob Caesar purports to speak for all downtown business, which of course is flagrantly mistaken. Caesar speaks for downtown business in roughly the same way as I represent the interests of Somali warlords. Significantly, he’s afforded the platform to blather about potential harm sans rebuttal. Hurting small business downtown and hurting Caesar’s profoundly limited cognitive skills are two very different processes. His selfishness when it comes to neighborhood issues? Shameful.

WDRB essentially does nothing with this story, and that’s too bad. A reporter might ask some questions, right?

Or am I asking too many myself?

New Albany debates turning one-way streets into two-way, by Lawrence Smith (WDRB)