News and Tribune: “Gahan ‘generally supportive’ of two-way streets in downtown New Albany.”


Let’s begin Monday with a generally guarded mayoral endorsement of “more” two-way streets in the future than now. Seeing as we advocates of a “complete” street grid are subject to a starvation diet in Nawbony, we’ll take supportive tidbits wherever we find them, and yet I fee compelled to repeat: (1) At which point will we see City Hall shape this future message according to the two irrefutable twin pillars of two-way, these being safety and economic development? And, (2) are we approaching this in the best and most timely fashion?

Gahan ‘generally supportive’ of two-way streets in downtown New Albany

NEW ALBANY — Mayor Jeff Gahan said the Ohio River Bridges Project should be taken into account before switching downtown streets to two-way traffic, and added a study would paint a clearer picture of what the city needs to do to usher in such a change.

“I’m generally supportive of more two-way traffic than we have now,” Gahan said. “We just need to have more definite information and more factual information before we make sweeping changes.”