When it comes to bridge tolls, let’s vote with our pants.


I hope Jeff doesn’t mind my reprinting his Facebook status below. It is a valuable first step in the impending discussion of civil disobedience to tolling, which I enthusiastically support.

Curtailing or ending trips across the river because of tolls will only the hurt the small, independent businesses we all care about rather than the gutless bastards who deserve it. There’s no sense in punishing those businesses, especially the ones who paid enough attention and cared enough to fight tolls. What makes sense is mass civil disobedience. Keep on crossing but just don’t pay – no transponder, no registered account, no financial exchange at all. There won’t be any gates to stop people. What are they going to do? Suspend everyone’s license and registration? It would also be fun to put small photos of each of our backsides on our license plates so they have to look at photos of them over and over again, but that’s optional.