What is One Southern Indiana’s position v.v. Freedom Indiana? Don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer.


Maureen Hayden’s column last week was quite good: Coalition growing against state constitutional gay-marriage ban.

The coalition, called Freedom Indiana, is rapidly expanding its presence out of the state’s capitol city and into communities around Indiana by building the kind of grassroots campaign that can knock traditional political power off its pedestal. [Think of the grassroots campaign of political novice Glenda Ritz who with little money or name recognition took down her well-funded, incumbent opponent in last year’s race for Superintendent of Public Instruction].

There is a passage of particular interest to those of us who monitor One Southern Indiana’s perenially slavish devotion to wrongheadedness.

Here’s where the rubber may hit the road: Indiana’s biggest job creators, including Cummins and Eli Lilly and Co., are behind Freedom Indiana. For them, HJR-6 is a stinging rebuke to the ‘Hoosier hospitality’ that politicians say has helped Indiana recruit jobs and economic investment for our state.

That’s why I posed the question to 1Si: “What is One Southern Indiana’s position v.v. Freedom Indiana?” As we endure the vigil of days/weeks/months until 1Si (for once) learns that social media is a two-way street (as most other streets should be), it’s vital to recall that when the oligarch fluffers claim to be representing us, they actually are not:

One Southern Indiana does not speak for me or this local business. Repeat.

The non-elected oligarch’s benevolent society otherwise known as One Southern Indiana does not speak for local business in the broader sense, and it does not speak for NABC in any sense at all — whether on the topic of managed health care, or tax reform, or the unconscionable boondoggle of the Ohio River Bridges Project.