Boyd: Benefiting from the madness.


Offbeat title, but spot on as to the central point … and not only as it pertains to Syria. I can hear the rednecks wail, which is the best reason to pursue it.

Terry Boyd: How Louisville can benefit from the Syrian Civil War, by Terry Boyd (Insider Louisville)

All that said, we can benefit from the madness.

We can again make a conscious effort to relocate Syrian refugees of all religious groups – Shi’a, Sunnis, Christians, Alawites, Yazidis and Sufis – to Louisville.

I say “again,” because the Jewish Family and Vocational Center, Catholic Charities of Louisville and other groups have helped relocate, then support, waves of immigrants to Louisville since the 1980s including Vietnamese, Bosnians, Russians and Somalis.

The city is all the better for it.