South Bend is rocking the two-way street discussion.

I suppose this “file photo” needs to be updated to include Rent Boy Park.

And what do we get in New Albany?

Caesarism, a reactive, exhausted and outmoded doctrine if ever there was one. And from a MERCHANT, no less.

Follow the link below and read the whole article (thanks JH), because it really touches on the relevant topics.

If South Bend can be having this discussion, why not New Albany?

Two-way street discussion moving ahead, by Erin Blasko (South Bend Tribune)

… “What I tend to go for are changes that help quality of life, business success, aesthetics, things that increase social exchange and economic exchange, things that make a place a richer place, a more dynamic place,” he added …

… In urban areas, at least, two-way streets offer a number of advantages over one-way streets, Scott Ford, the city’s executive director of Community Investment, said.
Not only do two-way streets tend to “calm” traffic, making for a more “walkable” environment, Ford said, but they increase business visibility and storefront exposure and provide more direct routes between locations.

“With one-way streets, you’re rewarding long trips, through trips, which tends to export value out of town,” Lockwood said. “Two-way streets are about access and direct routing and (social and economic) exchange, so they tend to support more vibrancy in a city.”

‘Complete streets’

Any potential project would include streetscape improvements and embrace the concept of “complete streets,” or streets designed to accommodate multiple users, from motorists to pedestrians to bicyclists to public transit, Ford said.