Perhaps it’s just me, but “Reactive By Design” isn’t really the civic slogan I had in mind.


Full disclosure: Diana is a member of the Human Rights Commission.

I’m fairly confident that I agree with my neighbor and 3rd district council representative Greg Phipps on many, and perhaps most, major points of city politics. Given that, I’ll now publicly differ, just a bit, and politely, in the sense of suggesting that Greg’s observation …

“There’s different points of view on that, but I think we set the commission up to be more reactive than proactive.”

… prompts one of my own: Why are we so resigned to accepting yet another “reactive” institution in a town chock full of them?

New Albany: A highly ethical city? Ethics, human rights commissions still haven’t heard a case, by Daniel Suddeath (News and Tribune)

NEW ALBANY — The New Albany Human Rights and Ethics Commissions were established by the city more than a year ago, but to date, neither have heard cases.

Some see that as a positive reflection of New Albany, while others believe the boards should be more involved in the process of selecting what they review.

“It seems like the human rights commission has been kind of pushed to the back burner a little bit,” commission member Brad Bell said.

The board — which was established in July of 2012 — hasn’t heard a case, which is somewhat suspicious, he continued.

“We’d love to think it’s because the community is so diverse and open is the reason we don’t have any [complaints], but I think we all know a little better than that,” Bell said …

But there’s even more from Toll-Free New Albany.

Operators are standing by; call now and get TWO reactive institutions for the price of one.

 … As for the Ethics Commission — which differs from the human rights commission because it only considers cases regarding public officials — the timing of the formation of the body appears to be keeping it from hearing one complaint that has been made public.

Local businessman and resident Randy Smith filed a complaint with the ethics commission against David Duggins, director of economic development and redevelopment for the city, over the firing of former New Albany Urban Enterprise Executive Director Mike Ladd.

Smith alleged that several actions made by Duggins during the process were unethical including accusing Ladd of paying claims without board approval.

However, since the alleged actions took place in March of 2012, about five months before the body was established, the ethics commission is likely not to review the case.

I’m an atheist by trade, but God, I’m tired of incremental, institutionalized timidity.