One Southern Indiana does not speak for me or this local business. Repeat.


It is true that I didn’t vote for Todd Young, although it didn’t stop me from having a beer with him last year. The important thing about it is that I voted. There was an election, and he won. So be it.

Young: We have the leverage to push tax reform; Congressman says blocking health care funds won’t stop law, by Daniel Suddeath (News and Tribune)

NEW ALBANY — U.S. Rep. Todd Young believes the public has the appetite to deal with the kind of debates that led to deadline fiscal deals in the past if it brings about change in Washington.

Young, R-Ind., met with local business owners at One Southern Indiana on Wednesday about tax reform. He said it’s an issue the House and Republican lawmakers could hold leverage over the White House on with a Sept. 30 federal government funding deadline approaching.

When I read this article, it took me a moment to grasp the part of it that galled me so tremendously. In retrospect, it can be narrowed down to the final three sentences.

As for tax reform, 1si CEO Wendy Dant Chesser said the Chamber’s members were especially interested in simplifying the tax code.

Local businesses also support changes in the tax code as a way to boost economic growth, she continued.

“I sensed an optimism as [Young] gave his presentation and they pitched their questions,” Chesser said.

Yeah, THAT’s it, for sure. Let’s be blunt.

The non-elected oligarch’s benevolent society otherwise known as One Southern Indiana does not speak for local business in the broader sense, and it does not speak for NABC in any sense at all — whether on the topic of managed health care, or tax reform, or the unconscionable boondoggle of the Ohio River Bridges Project.

I’ll take dissonance from Todd Young, because whether I voted for him or not, at least there was an election. But I don’t and won’t accept it from Wendy Dant Chesser, who was selected by a cadre of elites, not elected by persons or businesses.

The problem? It isn’t so much her as the ones doing the selecting.