Learn about the forthcoming Mai oh Mai food truck.


Back on July 28, the absence of street food in New Albany on a Friday night prompted a rumination.

Needed is döner kebab, or perhaps falafel, maybe Cornish pasties.

 … The gospel of the free market suggests that this situation eventually will solve itself. The solution might come more quickly if the city completes downtown streets, and the number of walkers and bikers escalates. At some point there will be a food truck, or existing establishments will do what we’re trying to do with the grilling program, at least in fair weather.

Unbeknownst to me, a partial solution may be in the offing.

Mai oh Mai Truck (at Facebook)

… Mai oh Mai will be a French- Vietnamese food truck that serves New Albany, IN and the surrounding area. While offering authentic cultural foods, it will also serve as the catalyst for educational programs that will benefit the community directly.

Jimmy Mai and Joe Phillips offer a partnership that has contributed 15 years in the restaurant industry, six years in the non- profit sector, and over 4,000 community service hours dedicated to regional and national non- profit organizations. Their combined knowledge of educational programs and the restaurant industry has enabled the opportunity to start a social establishment based on service learning and culinary artistry.

Hmm, looks like Joe has been holding out on me. As they get further along, I’ll try to keep readers posted, but as for the intrigue factor, I’m already hooked.

Another factor to bear in mind is our Floyd County Health Department. Once I was chatting with a food truck operator in an adjoining county and asked if he ever came into Floyd. He grimaced.

“Floyd County? And deal with them?”

Let’s hope that Mai oh Mai doesn’t begin its career on Double Secret Probation.