Durgee Road causes Bush, Seabrook to get their knickers in a twist, and that’s funny.


The News and Tribune had the story on Saturday.

“How can the city close a county road? I have a big problem with that,” Commissioner Mark Seabrook said. “They built it without telling us, now they’re closing it without telling us?”

Today it’s in the C-J.

… (County planner Don) Lopp said Durgee Road questions boil down to communication. “The county commissioners obviously have an interest,” he said. “They just want more information on the plans.”

I obviously have an interest in knowing when the health department decides to change its permitting procedures on a whim, and from no discernible statutory precedent, but neither Seabrook nor Bush thinks it’s important for me to be informed about THAT.

But if a funeral home regulator walked into HIS business and did what the health department did to NABC and others in June, Seabrook would begin chewing the scenery. Bush wants to be sheriff, and he can’t be bothered with the law as it pertains to a lowly, atheistic beer slinger.

Read these words carefully: I hope you both choke on Durgee Road.

That is all.

(photo credit … www.panda.org)