My second favorite News and Tribune reader comment yet.


I’m not a bully.

I am the walrus.

Battle brewing in New Albany over website photo; Health department subject of tort claim notice from brewery owner

William wrote:

Elizabeth, you’re gravely mistaken if you think Roger has done nothing more than whistle blow on things that are going wrong. He takes unflattering pictures of people and puts these on his blog. He takes pictures and adds features to insinuate some kind of wrongdoing or another. He twists actual facts into something resembling truth but is, in fact, untrue. And, quite frankly, he lies outright on his blog, passing off these fabrications as fact. He tries to create arguments or sides, and tries to move people to feel one way or another about people in public office just because he comes up with some stupid nickname and reuses it ad nauseum. Without question, Roger Baylor’s a bully. Like the previous post says, he would post something like what the Health Dept posted on him and laugh his head off and get his gang of bullies to laugh with him. This person is a menace of the worst sort. He incites anger and hatred. Nothing more.

But I do agree with that guy that posted ahead of me. Unfortunately, a government office has no business engaging in Roger Baylor-style posts. They just lowered their office to being no better than he is. Also, it’s different having a crank that everyone knows has his head in his ___ post something incendiary and an official office posting something like that. They shouldn’t have done it no matter how tempting.