JC Stites: “Lessons for Trying to 86 the 64.”


It’s really detestable to think that we’re at the stage of looking back on what might have been. But there’s this: “Lastly, 8664 proudly promoted a transformative vision, which may still be realized in the years to come. I hope I’m still alive to see it.”

HIGHWAYS TO BOULEVARDS BLOG: Louisville & The Ohio River Bridges Project


This post is a part of CNU’s Highways to Boulevards Blog series, which features interview summaries and insights from some of the best minds at the frontline of our Highways to Boulevards Initiative.
Much of the following post was written by JC Stites, local Louisville business owner and co-founder with Tyler Allen of the advocacy group 8664, a grassroots advocacy group promoting a sensible alternative to Louisville’s Ohio River Bridges Project.