There’s been a Human Rights Commission spotting …


Actually, New Albany’s HRC is meeting across the street as I type these words from the library.

(Full disclosure: The missus is a member of the commission)

No one’s happier than me to see a freshly enabled HRC. This blog was advocating such a revival during the Garner administration. But I must admit it seems strange to have such a nice, shiny new car and keep it parked in the garage. For something that’s been here for more than a year, there’s already an aura of disuse. It seems almost as though the HRC was reconstituted for no other reason than to serve as laudatory sidebar on a metaphorical website.

Seems to me if given a choice between seeming progressive and being progressive, the latter’s more important.

I’m not “blaming” anyone, neither the HRC reps nor City Hall. It’s just that there’s something quite strange about the way this has come down, at least until now.