N and T: “JEERS … to the Floyd County Health Department … “


Jerod Clapp’s fine piece in the News and Tribune on Thursday, detailing the Floyd County Health Department’s photographic misstep, has drawn several supportive comments.

Battle brewing in New Albany over website photo

In the weekend edition, editor Shea Van Hoy issues a timely Jeer. An excerpt is below, but please follow the link and read it all.

CHEERS AND JEERS — For Aug. 17-18


… to the Floyd County Health Department for its petty posting of a photo on its website taken in front of a local business.

It wasn’t just any business, you see, and that’s the major problem. The photo, since removed, was of a health department vehicle in front of New Albanian Brewing Co.’s Bank Street Brewhouse …

… I can’t say who is in the right in the permit battle. What I can say is the health department — a government-funded agency — was flat wrong when it put NABC in this light.

Harris may not like Baylor or his actions, but he has to remember he is merely the owner. There are other livelihoods at stake here, ones far removed from permits and media coverage.