When pressed by Eater Louisville and N and T, FCHD unable to get its story straight.

Gone, not forgotten.

After the Floyd County Health Department’s attorney, Rick Fox, meandered through another round of evasive and tort(uous) verbiage with the News and Tribune’s Jerod Clapp, Eater Louisville’s Zach Everson succinctly dismissed Fox’s “lawyerly things” (underlining is NAC’s):

Rick Fox, the attorney for the department’s board of directors, told the News and Tribune

that he “received the tort claim on Tuesday and hasn’t met with the department’s board to discuss it yet.

But he said to make sure there weren’t any misconceptions about the photo and the associated post on E. coli, they decided to take it down.
“They removed the photo, not in that the health department had done anything wrong, but we most certainly don’t want to give the wrong idea,” Fox said. “If they think someone’s getting the wrong idea, we don’t want to do that. As I understand it, the Floyd County Health Department truck was just showing that they were doing their normal inspections. Those [inspections] are subject to public review, the truck could have been in front of any business.”
Fox apparently doesn’t understand it well. The truck wasn’t in front of any business; it was in front of a business that was appealing a citation from the health department, and whose owner was publicly and repeatedly criticizing the department.

I’ll make just one further point: On the day that the FCHD staged its stock-photo-op in front of Bank Street Brewhouse, there was no “normal” inspection of the premises.

Dissembling is a part of the subterfuge, for sure, but can’t they at least do it artfully?