Citizen to FCHD: “I will not stand for our public officials and public departments to promote … public bullying.”


Katy is a friend of NABC and a blog reader. She made these comments in a Facebook link share, and I suspect they echo the thoughts of many. As Katy has done, please consider your own comments to the Floyd County Commissioners and the Floyd County Health Department. The photo may be gone, but the abuse of power lingers on.

I am writing this in complete disbelief and heavy disappointment. I am writing this as someone you are meant to represent, a taxpayer, a member of the community. A community that should be embarrassed at the misuse of your power and public forum.

Regarding the Floyd County Health Department website (front page):

Your ‘battle’ with local businessmen should be a private matter, regardless of the information — who’s in the right/wrong, etc. You represent our community, and yet you allow childlike mudslinging and passive/aggressive attacks to be promoted on public domain, a domain that tax payers provide, and a domain that represents our city and county.

I raise two children in this community. I will not stand for our public officials and public departments to promote inappropriate slander/libel/defamation of character in the form of public bullying. This is a horrid example you are setting. Sugar coat it as you wish, I am an unbiased party and easily see it for what it is (as do many others).

I am planning on spreading this contact information so that other members in this community, who have the same or similar concerns, can contact you and let their voices be heard. I feel that if this matter is not taken care of responsibly, there will be more ‘coverage’ and communication by the population of Floyd County. If you will not take the appropriate path of communication, do not think the members of New Albany/ Floyd County will stand by silently and be so misrepresented in the public realm. We simply will not.

Thank you for your time,

Katy Traughber