A cease and desist, a tort claim notice, and Dr. Tom at large.


3:45 p.m. update: Floyd County Health Department adds photo of handsome devil to its web site, but retains actionable photo.

I asked this question last Thursday.

ON THE AVENUES: The fruitless search for adults in county government.

As you think about (the health department’s web site photo), bear in mind that the FCHD is a government agency. Are you in favor of a government agency using tax dollars for harassment of this fashion?”

I was in route to Wisconsin for the Great Taste of the Midwest as Eater Louisville picked up on the story.

At Eater Louisville: “Floyd County Health Department Uses Bank Street Brewhouse to set ‘Foodborne Diseases’ Photo Shoot.”

It already was obvious that something would have to be done, and so yesterday the certified letters went out.

NABC to Floyd County Commissioners, Health Department: “Cease and desist.”

Perhaps the Commissioners might be persuaded to take a gander at what’s happening on their watch?

NABC to Floyd County Commissioners, Health Department: “This malicious activity has caused, and continues to cause, financial harm to the claimants’ businesses and corresponding reputations.”

Thanks to everyone who held the fort as NABC celebrated the GTMW. Now it’s back to the ramparts.

Dr. Tom “Dean Wormer” Harris was colorfully flippant while speaking with Eater’s Zach Everson:

“Dr. Harris said that it was his department’s prerogative to post what it wants on its website.”

But yet again, the MD displays ignorance as to those tiny niggling details in life … like the law. When his health department underlings posted their “stock photo,” the ante was upped. NABC is more than willing to call the bluff. Game on, ladies and gentlemen.

By the way, has anyone seen Mark Seabrook or Steve Bush lately? I’m thinking they just might be ready to emerge from the bunker.