To the GTMW: Sunday, August 11, and the amazing New Glarus Brewing Company.


Sunday began with brunch at the Great Dane’s Fitchburg location (libations above), which lies conveniently on the route back to New Glarus. This time we aimed straight for the New Glarus Brewing Company, and as always when visiting this shining craft beer facility on the hill, I felt admiration and envy in equal measure. NABC isn’t New Glarus Brewing, and New Albany isn’t Wisconsin, but I’d still like to think that some day …

The biggest changes since my last visit two years ago are big new fermenter buildings to the left of the main entrance, and a beer garden expanded out onto the hillside, featuring mock ruins constructed from scratch; ironically, it’s the same idea I had for the Bank Street Brewhouse outdoor area, given that whenever we get around to removing the asphalt, there’s likely to be the foundation of a house underneath.

Localists, pay heed: The most important central facts about New Glarus Brewing are that the brewery’s overall distribution is limited to Wisconsin, while at the same time, visitors coming to see this architectural marvel buy cases of beer to take home (think: like Coors was in the bad old days) likely totaling more in yearly volume than our entire turnover at BSB.

Admiration. Envy. Equal measure. Grrr.