The Fervor at Bicentennial Park, Friday night.


NABC’s Jeremy Kennedy and Billie Gray will be on hand to dispense progressive and publicly healthy/safe/touchy/feely pints of anti-bureaucratic medicine. It’s the usual time of 6 – 9 p.m.

August 9th – The Fervor

Louisville’s The Fervor has formed around the pair of Natalie Felker’s voice and keys and husband Ben’s guitar and harmony. In 2007, they added drummer Mat Herron and set out on a slew of live shows to support their first full-length album. Michael Campbell joined on as bass, and together, the group criss-crossed the eastern half of the United States. After spending some time in San Francisco tracking their newest album, the band returned home to Louisville, where longtime friend and engineer Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, California Guitar Trio, Wax Fang) helped them finish what they started. With a focus on what the Fervor could do together in a room, sounds were mixed down to analog tape, and editing forgone in favor of a recording that is upfront with its humanity. From those sessions emerged “Arise Great Warrior,” a record that is gut-punching in impact, but life-affirming in its lasting spark and hopeful mysteries.