NABC goes all out for the Great Taste of the Midwest.


Regular readers know that for the past few years around this time, NABC packs for its annual field trip to Madison, Wisconsin, and the Great Taste of the Midwest. The GTMW ranks among the top beer festivals in America, and it is my personal favorite.

NABC graphics wizard Tony Beard has prepared banners under the general theme of “drinking for the future,” as inspired by NABC’s general theme of sidestepping (shall we say, adaptively re-using) New Albany’s unfortunate white-bread Bicentennial celebration.

Ah, the People’s Republic of Madison. I can barely wait.

At the NABC home page, we have information on the beers we’re taking, along with full, unexpurgated descriptions for the Bi/Tricentennial year. These were edited for the official program (frowning face), so this is the only link to the complete text and opening lineup: NABC’s beer list for the Great Taste of the Midwest (Aug 10).